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a gift for a lifetime

Whether it's delighting in your children and family, seeing your newborn child for the first time, watching your little ones explore with wonder and curiosity, or committing to someone you love, my goal is to create lasting story book memories through natural and captivating imagery. These moments are so timeless and fleeting that every instance captured will help you remember each precious stage in life.

I have found that photographing real moments and genuine interactions with raw authenticity happens best when I step back and watch your story unfold through my lens. Sessions are fun, natural, and spontaneous, and most importantly they are never rushed. My aim is to make your photographic experience a relaxed and enjoyable one, and I do my best to encourage you and your loved ones to be yourselves in front of the camera.

I hope you enjoy my images and if you have any questions and/or feel that I would be a good fit for you and your family I'd love to hear from you!  - Khim

during the work you have to be sure you haven't left any holes, that you have captured everything beacuse afterwards it will be too late

Henri Cartier-Bresson